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Joy Through Music – Burleson Resident Marney Heth

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December 6, 2019

Joy Through Music – Burleson Resident Marney Heth
Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson resident and former pianist Marney Heth talks about her passion for piano.

When you meet Marney Heth, it doesn't take too long before she brings up the subject of music.

She likes just about every song, and she describes playing the piano as experiencing the divine. "It's about the closest thing to heaven, I have to say," she explained.

Heth's daughter, said her mother was always playing inside the home when they were growing up. She fondly remembers when her mother would upgrade to a new piano for the house.

"I remember the new pianos coming in," she detailed. "That was always a day full of excitement." But as Heth has gotten older, her arthritis has made it impossible to play like she used to. So now she teaches piano to Noah Hidalgo, 12, the son of a staff member at her senior living community in Burleson, Mustang Creek Estates.

"He brings me so much joy," Heth said.

Joy through music. That's a beautiful thing the world needs more of, and Heth's family wanted to bring her some more joy.

So in November, her family — along with the staff at Mustang Creek – brought in Buddy Bray, the pianist for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, to give Heth a private concert.

"This is something my mom will never forget," Price said.

Bray played Heth's favorite hymns and carols, and even performed a duet with Heth's student, Noah. "To see him playing like that, he did great," Heth said.

While Heth can't tickle the ivories like she used to, she still appreciates the power of a song.

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