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Kangaroo, Lemur, Other Exotic Animals Pay Visit to Frisco Seniors

The Dallas Morning News

By Brian Elledge

January 25, 2019

Kangaroo, Lemur, Other Exotic Animals Pay Visit to Frisco Seniors

If experiences give us moments to share and talk about, the residents at Mustang Creek Estates in Frisco will be sharing stories for days.

On Friday, the activities director brought in a pet therapy group that was a little exotic.

Among the unique visitors: a 1-year-old Red Kangaroo named Ms. Roux, pronounced with a little cajun twist; a Ringtail Lemur named King Julian, after a character from the movie "Madagascar," a Kinkajou or Honey Bear named Ms. Dixie, a few Chinchillas and a rabbit named Snow.

All the animals were brought out by ARoo4u, a Denton County company the specializes in wildlife education programs.

As the residents met each animal and got a chance to touch the soft fur, the smiles and comments about how soft the animals were began to come out.

King Julian was the most lively, climbing all over ARoo4u owner Bobby Curry's bald head with a curious look at the faces around him.

"It really helps our residents", says Beth Babcock the Executive Director at Mustang Creek Estates. "They become more relaxed. They enjoy it together, it's a socialization thing for our residents to hang out with each other, and it gives them something to talk about. They'll be talking about this for a couple of weeks now."

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