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Mustang Creek Collecting Donations for Animal Shelter

Burleson Star

From Staff Reporters

June 20, 2019

Mustang Creek Collecting Donations for Animal Shelter

Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson recognizes the importance of helping organizations in the local community and is pleased to announce it’s coordinating a donation drive for the Joshua City Animal Shelter this June.

The senior living community is asking the public to drop off canned food for puppies and kittens, bleach, Dawn dish soap, laundry soap, cat litter, rawhide bones for dogs, cat and dog toys, old blankets, as well as old towels and wash cloths. The assisted living and memory care community encourages people who live in Burleson and the surrounding areas to drop off donations at Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson (1155 NW John Jones Dr. in Burleson) inside House A, Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from now until June 27.

“We are thankful for Mustang Creek Estates and their efforts to help us care for the animals in our shelter,” said Carla Hall, animal control officer at Joshua City Animal Shelter. “With the number of pets we currently have, we go through many of the needed items on daily basis, and we want the local public to know that every donation goes a long way.”

The late spring and summer months are busy times for animal shelters. People and their pets tend to be outside more, which can lead to pets wandering away from home and becoming strays, and many cats give birth during this time of the year. The Joshua City Animal Shelter works hard to provide the animals with the best care possible throughout the year.

“When we told our residents about this donation drive, they were thrilled because many of them grew up around animals and wanted to help the ones in need,” said Melissa Meyer, executive director of Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson. “After we heard that animal shelters fill up faster during warmer months, we started thinking about how to help, and we believe this donation drive is the least we can do. At Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson, we are always looking for ways to help others, whether it’s securing donations for the animal shelter, a school supply drive for local teachers, or organizing fundraising events.”

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