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Residents Surprised with a Spa Day from Staff and Caregivers

April 24, 2020

Residents Surprised with a Spa Day from Staff and Caregivers

Residents at Mustang Creek Estates were given a surprise spa day! Seniors have been practicing social distancing, so caregivers brought the spa to them. Since many residents have been missing their normal hair and nail appointments, "spa day" was a huge hit.

Typically, a hairdresser visits the community weekly to help residents with cuts, colors and styles. With social distancing, she's been unable to visit. So caregivers and staff members took on the roles of stylists and nail artists. They got out the curling irons and made residents feel like they'd just been to the salon. Staff members also had plenty of nail colors to choose from. The only thing missing were cuts and colors; they decided that was best left to the professionals!

"We're so happy that spa day was such a success with our residents. We know social distancing isn't always easy, and this was a great way to bring back some of the normal activities our residents look forward to," said Melissa Meyer, Mustang Creek Estates of Keller's executive director. "I'm so proud of how our caregivers and staff continue to take these changes in stride and come up with creative ideas for our community."

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