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Social Worker’s Son Reflects on Fatherhood & Giving

June 2, 2019

Social Worker’s Son Reflects on Fatherhood & Giving

As people around the world recently celebrated Father’s Day, Robert McCall Jr. is looking back on the things he learned from his father throughout his life and reflecting on the importance of fatherhood. Robert McCall Sr., 93, is a resident at Mustang Creek Estates of Burleson and a former social worker from Queens, N.Y. who spent his entire life helping others.

He was always the life of the party but made sure to provide for his family and spend time with his only son. After his wife’s health started to decline, he didn’t leave her side and did everything he could to provide the best care possible for her. Now, that is exactly what his son is doing for him. After Robert Jr.’s mother passed away, he realized it was his turn to care for a person who always cared for him. The relationship between Robert Jr. and Sr. is an example of how fathers’ and sons’ roles reverse as they grow older.

“Many of us don’t realize that we will all have to take care of our parents the way they took care of us,” said Robert Jr. “Caring for others is one of the most important things I learned from my father, and I am doing my best to show him just that. He has always been a big jokester, and when there was a microphone at a party, I can guarantee you he had it in his hand to crack some jokes. It’s crazy to see how our ability to do things changes as we get older, and although my dad might not be dancing and joking anymore, it is so important to remember that he is still the same person who loved me and my family his entire life. Caring for him now when he needs it most is the least I can do for him.”

As a social worker, Robert Sr. helped not only children, he also helped adults with disabilities find better care and jobs. He was a dedicated worker who didn’t retire until he was 83. A fan of Alfred Hitchcock films, watching movies is one of his favorite things he used to do with his son. Robert Sr. now has three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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