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Veteran Honored at Mustang Creek Estates of Keller

November 11, 2019

Veteran Honored at Mustang Creek Estates of Keller

Glen Thompson was just one of the veterans honored at Mustang Creek Estates this month. The 86 year old was drafted to the Army in 1951. While he knows his mother cried at the news, she was very proud of her son. After serving for two years in the Army, Thompson reenlisted with the Air Force, where he would serve as an air traffic controller until retiring in 1977. Along with being good at the job, he also loved it, and he proudly states he looked much better in Air Force blue than Army green.

"The Air Force was willing to take me and teach me," said Thompson. "I was privileged to travel and see the world. The military was such a blessing to my family and my life."

Thompson's two daughters were born while he was stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. The family also lived together in France. Thompson's daughter, Francie Tait, says that though the family didn't have much, she fondly remembers camping with her parents around much of Europe during those three short years stationed in France.

It was also in France were Thompson had one of his proudest military moments. A Canadian T-33 jet plane was in distress. Through Thompson's guidance at air traffic control, the plane safely landed. He earned a certificate of exemplary service. Thompson's career also took him to Asia and Africa.

Today Thompson lives at Mustang Creek Estates of Keller, not far from his daughter Francie. This Veterans Day she also celebrated her husband, who was in the Air Force and graduated from the Air Force Academy as well.

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