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What's Your Hobby?

January 28, 2019

What's Your Hobby?

Having a hobby can have endless benefits, especially for seniors. Hobbies can help improve mood, socialization, memory and more, and Mustang Creek Estates is excited to organize activities that recognize residents’ unique hobbies and interests. This initiative not only gives the seniors a sense of purpose, it also reminds them it is never too late to dust off an old skill or even learn a new one. In addition, it is another way to bring seniors together and increase socialization.

One of the activities the residents have a chance to participate in is a woodworking activity. This hobby is especially important to Mustang Creek estates resident James Herink, an 84-year-old Army veteran who was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. Some of James’ wooden creations include a cross and altar for a local church, rocking horses for children, birdhouses, coasters and wall clocks. Dementia may have taken a lot of his memories, including those of his wife, but it hasn’t taken away his enthusiasm for crafts, especially woodworking.

James inherited his artistic talent from his father, who enjoyed crafts as well. After spending his childhood learning from his father, he later served in the Army during the Korean War, taking his hobby with him. Afterward, he worked for an air conditioning and heating company in Iowa before moving to Texas in 1977. James has three children and nine grandchildren and was married for 52 years. Of his three children, one of his daughters inherited his artistic talent and penchant for woodworking.

It is heartwarming to see the residents’ eyes light up when they start working on a project. Our team works hard to come up with activities that are not only fun but also engage and benefit our residents. We are excited to continue highlighting their hobbies and interests.

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